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Maker and Taker in Trading

In the maker and taker system for 바이비트 거래소, a “maker” is an order that adds liquidity to a market by setting limits on the price they are willing to buy or sell. The “taker,” meanwhile, is an order that removes liquidity from a market as it is executed immediately against existing orders in the order book. Liquidity refers to how quickly and easily an asset can be bought or sold in a given market.

Generally speaking, makers receive lower prices for adding liquidity by placing limit orders than takers for executing trades against those limit orders. This incentivizes makers to add more liquidity to markets, helping them remain active and liquid for others who may need to buy or sell promptly.

The maker-and-taker system is beneficial for marketplaces because it encourages users to add and maintain liquidity. This helps ensure buyers and sellers can execute orders quickly, efficiently, and at competitive prices.